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How do you CLEAN laminate flooring?


I have found that pledge works the best. it comes in a blue bottle for hardwood floors, read the directions on the back of the bottle for best results. DO NOT USE ANY STRIPPERS OF ANY KIND!. If you think about it, laminate and Pergo is like press wood covered with man-made finishes. The strippers will only ruin your floors, that is money down the drain, those floors are not cheap to replace. I hope this helps you.

What does it mean when new marble flooring cracks? Should I be weary?


I would call in another contractor or ask your dad if you didn't already. I think your floor is unlevel or not enough support. Marble shouldn't crack and if there is a type that's supposed to crack than its news to me and you should've been told this before money was spent on it cuz not everyone would appreciate the value of cracks in marble. You may be able to put a lawsuit on the contractor for saying that if he's wrong.

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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Flooring Contractor:

If you are looking for a flooring contractor for your flooring installation, there are some mistakes to avoid when choosing a contractor.
Some rules to avoid mistakes when selecting are:
- Provide the information you consider necessary for your project, your company, the business vision you have and the target market
you would like to serve. The worst mistake is not to be clear about the expectations you have, which should be reflected in the project
that the flooring contractor hired will send you.
 - Agrees on the rates in advance, there is always some item that is not within the rating but can be negotiated when such service is
required. The important thing is that you know what services it offers and how much it costs you. Nothing "at the end of the project
we talk about" or "we are already seeing it".
 - Although one of the reasons for hiring a flooring contractor is the possibility of receiving fresh ideas, do not let the designer decide
for you in everything. If the business idea you have is not feasible, and the designer makes you see it, analyze your proposal well.
 He is the expert, but the business is yours, you, better than anyone, know how much money you are willing to spend. It is really
important that you define a budget so that the designer adjusts to it, and that it is only overcome with your prior approval.
 - Check the portfolio of flooring contractors whose proposals attract you most. Many times we get carried away by a proposal well
written but in reality, the professional has no experience in bars or does not use the qualities that it offered.
 - Ensure that there is a written contract, specifying the budget, the products and services included, the expenses that should be
consulted and whatnot, the need or not of liability insurance by the flooring contractor as well as a guarantee for the products you buy
through them. In this contract, it is also important to define some dispute resolution procedures in case there is any between the
contractor and you.

Reasons to Hire a flooring contractor:
Save money:
A good flooring contractor will probably have a good base of contacts with suppliers and contractors to work with, and even get
discounts that can allow you to buy furniture, lamps, wall decoration, etc. cheaper than if you had to look for those products on your
A flooring contractor will work with the budget that you indicate and will try to obtain the maximum value for that money, as well as
create the greatest possible impact.

Knowledge of the industry:
A flooring contractor will be aware of current trends in decoration and other aspects related to the concept of the premises. For a local
to be successful, it must offer a unique experience, and the designer can be the key to achieve it.
If you will consider all these important points, you will surely get the best flooring contractor for your job.

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We have can COVER all your flooring needs! Please give us a call to setup a time to meet. 

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